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California Water Use

80% Agriculture20% People

Once planted, nut orchards need a constant supply of water, so even in dry years, it's essential to keep diverting river water to our massive farms in the desert.

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Goodbye Fish

San Francisco Bay Fish Population Collapse 1

Striped Bass
99.7% Decline
Delta Smelt
97.8% Decline
Longfin Smelt
99.9% Decline
American Shad
91.9% Decline
Threadfin Shad
98.5% Decline
Source: CSPA 2015

Water to feed California’s vital agriculture industry is pumped from the San Francisco Bay Delta – it took half a century for the industry to produce Wonderful’s new Extinct Fish flavor, worth the wait?

1. Fish population decline since California Aqueduct was completed in 1967.

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Get Drillin’, Get Cookin’

Featured Recipe
November 2023

Wonderful Pistachios Carrot and Cilantro Oil Soup Slaw

Dizzying aromas, a rainbow slick of colors! Oil is one of nature’s oldest ingredients, coming deep from the earth.

Our specially sourced irrigation water gives the pistachio topping a complimentary 'terrior'.

If anyone says this wholesome soup isn’t healthy, ask them for proof.

Wonderful Pistachios Carrot and Cilantro Oil Soup Slaw
Stewart & Lynda Resnick

The Wonderful Company is owned by Stewart and Lynda Resnick — a glamorous Beverly Hills power couple who also happen to be America’s biggest farmers.

Maybe you’ve seen their name printed on art museums, hospitals, and universities. Or maybe you’ve never heard of them at all.

Either way you will love Pistachio Wars, a soon to be released film chronicling their life, achievements as philanthropists, and California’s remarkable transformation by corporate agriculture.

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